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Posting Schedule:I post one chapter of my story every first Sunday of each month.

Yes, it’s a bit slow. But that’s because I don’t have that much free time, I’m still a student after all.

But hey, you’ll ALWAYS have that chapter a month. I don’t plan on stopping my story until I drop dead or until I properly finish it!

I’ve reincarnated, but I’m a Girl! Wait, am I not even Human?

I’ve just made a reading list, but there’s so many interesting stories! Wait, isn’t that awesome?

Prologue: I’m… Dead?

Volume 1:
Chapter 1: I’m… going to be eaten?
Chapter 2: I’m… Wait, what the hell?
Chapter 3: I’m… not in the 21st century?
Chapter 4: I’m… in a fantasy world?
Chapter 5: I’m… going to study hard!
Chapter 6: I’m… an Inventor! And a troublemaker…
Chapter 7: I’m… not an albino in the end.
Chapter 7.5: Even while playing, she’s still a genius…
Chapter 8: I’m… confused. Kami-sama, stop messing with me!
Chapter 8.5: A father short story
Chapter 9: I’m…gonna be a magician!
Chapter 10: I’m… a Vampire Princess
Chapter 11: I’m meeting with an old friend!
Chapter 12: I made myself a friend. Literally.
Chapter 12.5: I’m … “Me”. I’m a light, and the sister of “She”
Chapter 13: I made myself a sister. For real.

Volume 2:
Chapter 14:I’m living with my sister now.
Chapter 15: I’m gonna meet our neighbours!
Chapter 16: I’m… a little bit afraid.
Chapter 16.5: Crimson
Chapter 17: I’m packing up my things!
Chapter 18: I’m not going far away. I swear!
Chapter 18.5: O… Onee-sama?
Chapter 19: I’m covered in blood. Is it mine, or… ?
Chapter 20: I’m finally using that Skill! Wait, what did it say?!?
Chapter 20.5: Horror.
Chapter 21: I’m Heartbroken.
Chapter 22: I’m such a bad sister.
Chapter 23: I’m screwed.
Chapter 24: I’m scared…
Chapter 25: I’m safe.
Chapter 26: I knew it!
Chapter 27: I am the Night. Fear me!

Volume 3:
Chapter 28: Uhm?
Chapter 29: My sister is a Genius too!
Chapter 30: I’m a nice person.
Chapter 31: Me? Angry?.
Chapter 32: Social life: Start!

Abigaelle’s Enciclopædia Universalis:

Entrée n° 15: Vampire
Entrée n° 31: Démons

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  1. On the TOC, there’s a link for chapter 11 that leads nowhere, while you’re supposed to post that chapter on sunday (because of that dreadful thing that is School)

    So are you mocking us by putting a link without chapter *prepare knife* or was it just a mistake?
    *start to sharpen knife*

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    1. Neither ^^ It’s just that I won’t be here Sunday, so I scheduled a release for sunday evening, so I just posted the links beforehand.
      And if you had read my “Posting Shedule”, you would have known it…
      *sharpen greatsword*


      1. ?
        If it was there this morning, then I need to excuse myself for my conduct.
        And thanks for the information 😀

        By the way, a great sword might be powerful, but it’s slow, hard to swing and only work for a certain range (it’s impossible to swing it too close from your body)
        So I just need to run at you, evade one or two swings, and then I would be out of your range and you would be in mine 😀

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        1. Mouahaha, that is only what you believe to be true, little grasshopper!

          Told ya’ I was doing some research on swordsman-play X)
          (btw, I changed the “Posting Schedule” at the same time I put the links 😉 )


    1. Well, I’m only 19, so I shouldn’t die before a long time has passed, and I don’t plan on stopping x)
      Ah, but I should be able to write a lot during next holidays, so I may (and I say “may”) start to post more after that.
      But thank you for following my story! 🙂


      1. sorry if that sounded like a complaint it’s just… I wasn’t kidding that whenever I get into a story it seems to either burn out or slow down, except for maybe 3 out of around 50 stories. I can be very patient, waiting months (as in several) for and update or chapter, but it happens so often I’m starting to wonder if I’m cursed or something…

        at any rate, this story is glorious and I await the future with rapt anticipation.

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        1. Don’t worry I didn’t thought it was a complaint against me (cause it happened to me a lot too x) ).
          Well, at least I don’t plan to drop it, so the story WILL continue 🙂



    Chapters released at 5 pm GMT+0

    04/10/15 -> Chapter 12.5
    I hate “x.5” chapter….but i still read them ._.
    18/10/15 -> Nothing, because it’s the begining of my holidays, and I’ll try to write a lot.

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    1. Yes, I know, but I don’t have enough chapters ready to start publishing the 2nd volume (in fact, I’ve only got one, and it’s not well done because I lacked time to write it and rushed it, so I may write it again). But don’t worry, my holidays only last two weeks, and I’ll post my chapters once school starts again.


  3. *wail* *cry* *pout* *hit a wall* *lay trap with a cookie* here author here author come get a cookie *preps taser to steal next chapter* here author come get a nice fresh cookie

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  4. Is her sister immune to sunlight or not?
    It keeps bothering me for some reason.Maybe Her sister isn’t even a vampire.


    1. she summoned her sister as a cat so i don’t think she be a vampire or that be a odd twist vampire cat girl? she might however have alittle issues with the sun since she was suppose to be born as a vampire & not summoned, have to wait and see, hopefully Chapter 13 will be posted today or soon. But either way i think the summoned sister would be immune… to all or same as Abigaelle’s Immunity

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      1. makes ya feel special when you can guess correctly at least to a extent lol… I love the twist, ya…. have to say…. I really loved it. I look forward for when the next Vol/Chapter is release, Enjoy your holiday!

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  5. ah it is Wednesday I think there is going to be a update today and if not I look around the house and find a computer chair a computer and some rope and a whip ufufufuf also make some cookie for the author for when he is done with the chapter

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    1. I honestly don’t know :/ They gave me a ton of homework, so I don’t even know if I will be able to write as much as I wanted :/ But I think I’ll post something the 8th at least

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      1. Woot!! Wonder what Abby is going to do now that she has a co-conspiritour?? Learn magic? Martial arts? Teach village kids?! Finding out tomorrow!!! 😉

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  6. So, when will today chapter be released 😀 ?
    Je ne suis pas en manque du tout 😀
    I’m not going to slaughter you and your entire family if I don’t have my fix soon 😀


  7. Great story so far. Kind of similar to Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru (Vampire Princess Rose Colored Dream). Both black hair red eyes OP loli vampire princess in a fantasy world and originally male. Although Kyuuketsu is more like a loli version of Overlord.

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    1. But Kyuu-hime is way more badass! Ah, but I started to write my story before I read this wn ^^ (At first, Aby-chan was supposed to be the son of a demon lord… God, how much did it change! ^^)
      And thanks :p


  8. I just noticed that we’ve had Maid PoV scenes and the Dad has gotten PoV chapters/scenes and even Suzy has gotten a PoV chapter yet still no Mom PoV. Are you saving it for something specific or just haven’t thought of using her yet?

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      1. I was just curious since last chapter was more of a summary of a time skip and I’m interested about the parents pov of now having two cute daughters instead of one.

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  9. i agree about the parents point of view bit it would be nice to see what they think and also help to build their characters up more, unless plan to kill them off in next 2-3 chapters lol

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  10. Now that she has her fangs,when is she going to start drinking blood? I mean I know the predator title is illegal to have, but what if she killed people than drank their blood, and couldn’t she hide the predator title if she got it now? Haha. I’m just thinking out loud here, but are Abbé and her sister going to be trained in magic or physical Combat soon? I like a bit of action, to my fantasy.

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    1. I like a bit of action too, don’t worry ^^
      And yes, killing people would work, but then she’d get the “Murderer” Title, and it would be displayed in the “Punishment(s)” section (and she can’t change that one ;p)

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  11. Yeah Christmas is coming!! Tell me your doing a Christmas special in addition to the chapter you’ve promised?? T.T. its been too long…

    Anyways one can always hope 😉 you should update your reading list, I felt it was a great help to direct me to worthy stories, but it needs to be updated to be current!! Also what are you reading these days??

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    1. Unfortunatly, I didn’t read anything 😥 I don’t have the time to :/
      And a Christmas special isn’t a bad idea, I think I’ll do it (but only a short chapter ^^)
      Next chapter should be this Sunday btw



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              1. Tonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonightonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonightonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonighttonight.

                I am not going insane.
                I’ve already been for a long time.
                I am just excited.
                Because, you know, it’s not like I’ve been checking this site every day in hope of a surprise release.

                I should really get a life…

                No, I should really work for the university…

                Well, who cares 😀
                The chapter will be release at which hour GMT+1?

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      1. That wasn’t the time we agreed on..
        That was 6 minutes ago.
        You are late.

        Bon, je vais grignoter un coup pendant que j’attends alors.
        See you soon 😀
        Prepare your eyes for a GIANT comment.

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          1. Well, that’s a valid reason, I guess.
            Well, I say that as someone from Belgium, where you have to pay a fine if you don’t vote, so I don’t really know if it’s a valid reason in a country where you can decide not to vote…

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              1. ^^
                It seems the comment section was deactivated by default -_-
                I don’t know what the fu*k they’re doing at WordPress, but they’re doing it wrong >< I have to re do all my menus because they don't work anymore because of them -_-
                But, well, it's free


    1. Well, I’d like to but I’m already strugling with chapter 16 ^^
      But I’ll post something once I’m back home ^^ (I’m un Madère right now :p)


  12. Had a thought. Make sure you remember to include abegaelle’s height with each chapter until she hits ten and stops maturing. Remembered reqding that when she negotiated with the blacksmith in the village, she was 4 years old who looked like she was eight. And maybe Suzzanna’s height too!!

    That way if there are any time skips we can still perceive and track the progress of her growth.

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  13. Hey, chapter 16 and 16.5 were really unexpected. Lovecraftian horrors and a Vision either present or future.


  14. Noticed that the links to chapter 16.5 appear to be dead, at least the ones from this page and the one leading from chapter 16. Or you decided to take down the page. 😉 whatever. Evil God Abby is a good idea. I mean if most of the population is worshiping the spirits, there should be plenty of faith energy to spare for a mortal to ascend to become a god right?

    Is Abby going to communicate with the Creatures of the Void?? Has seeing them planted a seed of madness in Suzanna? (She does have keener senses that Abby, as an Embodied Soul). Had a thought that in chapter 16.5 what Suzy saw was real. Maybe she experienced an Astral Projection, and witnessed that murder. It could also be a sign of something whispering dark temptations into her mind. Or it was a phropetic vision, or a vision of something happening while she was asleep. From the wording of the dream it sounded like it was not witnessed and described from a Vampire’s perceptive, it could be she witnessed it through someone else’s eyes, or she was there in spectral form.

    Its going to get good from here on out!!

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    1. Oh shoot, I’ll correct the link ASAP. Thanks 🙂

      Well, she may be able to become a god, but she’d have to die first, so~o… ^^
      #So I won’t try… I don’t plan on dying. For the next millennium at least…#

      Ah, I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with those space creatures… ^^
      #Anyway, I don’t have a space rocket, so I don’t plan to meet them. Even if I had one.#

      And no, Suzy won’t go insane because of that :p
      *E-even if it’s scary, as long as onee-sama is with me, it’ll be okay!*
      #(So cute)#

      Oh, her nightmare may or may not be tied with one of her skill 😉
      #Wait. What nightmare? What are you talking about?#

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      1. So she needs to die a second time to become a God, huh…
        *Looks at the silver knife in his hand. And yes, I actually have silver cutlery*
        *Looks at Abby*
        Yeah, don’t worry, no happening :p
        I don’t have any suicidal thought.

        Abby, the nightmare was about Suzy’s hidden BDSM fetishes, with you as the dominatrix.

        I’m supposed to study, but because of boredom I came here to write whatever silly weird abnormal things came to my insane mind…

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        1. Abigaelle starts looking intently at the silver knife.
          Silver knife has been wiped from Earth’s surface.
          It’s supper efficace.

          #Here ya go#
          *Onee-sama? What does it means?*
          #N-nothing! Nothing at all! It doesn’t mean anything!
          And if somebody ever tries to explain it to you, just send him/her flying far away!#
          Same here x)
          But on my side, once I wrote enough silly things, I put them all together, call that a chapter and then post it online ^^

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          1. Silver cutlery is quite expensive, so I’m expecting a compensation, Abby-chan. *Cold murderous greedy eyes*

            Also, John, “efficace” in English is “effective”.
            Have you never played any English Pokemon game?

            It’s true that you shouldn’t explain such things to such an innocent girl.

            But, man, before I read that “nightmare”, I never thought Abby would be like that once you give her a tight leather outfit and a whip…
            And those things she did to the shackled Suzy…

            However, I do wonder where that nightmare came from…
            Suzy is such an innocent child after all…
            So where could it come from?
            I mean, it’s not like she ever had some memories and knowledge implanted in her mind before her birth, right?
            So from who could she have taken those fetishes from…
            *Looks at Abby and smile*

            So that’s why your chapter are like that, huh :p

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            1. Nop, never played one ^^ I mean, I live in France, so it’d be strange if I did…
              And sorry, but your insurance doesn’t cover “Strange and unexplained vanishing”, so you won’t be reimbursed ;p
              “…And thus were the last words pronounced by Gianoria the 7th, who died from an heart attack…”
              I don’t know what you’re talking about ;p

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              1. I live in Belgium, but I still played English Pokemon games, you know.
                On the computer, by emulator.
                Completly “legally”, of course.

                <> <> <>

                Wow, that was close…
                This [Pact] was a good idea in the end…
                What was I doing again…
                I can’t remember…
                I think it was something about Abby and BDSM…

                Weird, I’m not in this kind of fetishes…
                Plus, she is a kid.
                Oh, well, I always have weird thoughts when I return, so who cares.

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              2. God dammit I didn’t know that things between arrows would disappear…

                Well, I’m going to write it again then…

                ‘‘Status Alteration [Death] Detected’‘
                ‘‘Special Skill [Pact with E.V.I.L.] activated’‘
                ‘‘Per the [Pact], a new body will be prepared’‘
                ‘‘Preparation of the [next body]’‘
                ‘‘Preparation completed’‘
                ‘‘Unique Skill [Insa… Abnormal Soul] Activated’‘
                ‘‘Restoring of the [soul]’‘
                ‘‘Restoration completed’‘
                ‘‘[Influence of E.V.I.L.] has augmented’‘
                ‘‘You have been promoted from [Believer of E.V.I.L.] to [Follower of E.V.I.L.]’‘
                ‘‘Fusion of the [Soul] and [body] started’‘
                ‘‘Fusion completed’‘
                ‘‘[Resurrection] will now start’‘
                ‘‘Booting up the [8th Life]’‘
                ‘‘As per the [Pact], the [Seventh Seal of the Hell Gate] was broken’‘
                ‘‘[Influence of E.V.I.L.] on the [World] has augmented’‘
                ‘‘Please enjoy your [8th Life]’‘
                ‘‘[Resurrection] completed’‘

                Wow, that was close…
                This [Pact] was a good idea in the end…
                What was I doing again…
                I can’t remember…
                I think it was something about Abby and BDSM…

                Weird, I’m not in this kind of fetishes…
                Plus, she is a kid.
                Oh, well, I always have weird thoughts when I return, so who cares.

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                  1. How rude.
                    Just because I am currently disposing of my previous body and that this body was formed by a miasma of Darkness doesn’t mean that I’m not the same as before.

                    Plus, it’s not like making a [Pact] with an evil primordial entity that was sealed by the Gods and is trying to use you to break free is an abnormal thing, so I don’t see why you’re freaking out like that…

                    By the way, after reading the comments to see why I died, Abby, you overreacted…
                    And why would you kill me for explaining a nightmare that was written by John?
                    If you think logically, everything is his fault, right?
                    *Smiles as his eyes turn black*
                    Huh? there’s a bit of miasma leaking out…

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                    1. *With a red glow inside the eyes and a disembodied voice*
                      The [Pact] protects me from the [Seals] on puny mortals.
                      If I were to be sealed, a new body will just be prepared again.
                      And my [Insa… Abnormal Soul] cannot be altered or sealed.
                      We aRE unsTOPpabLE.
                      NoThinG wILl stOP thE reViVAL OF our [God].
                      E.V.I.L. WiLl SoOn reIGN again.

                      *Returns to normal*
                      Plus I kind of control some sort of weird Evil Miasma, so :p

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                    2. There’s more than one Evil God, you know 🙂
                      Plus, you’re not on this Earth right now :p
                      And I kind of remember that you were refusing the name of “Evil God”…
                      Well, what happen in this world doesn’t matter to you.
                      Because my [God] is a entity using [Physic] powers and not [Magic], he wasn’t send to Beta and stayed on Alpha.
                      So you don’t need to care about my [God] 😀

                      By the way, did you notice that John directly changed the subject into “Disposing of me” as soon as I mentionned the fact that he was the culprit behind Suzy’s nightmare?
                      Isn’t that a bit suspicious?

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                    3. #Well, you’re the one refering to me as your Evil God you know… So I assumed you were talking about me.
                      For a moment, I feared you wanted to bring me back on Alpha…
                      Ah, but what happens on your side does matter to me! Do not even think about doing anything that could end up harming little miss Claire with that Evil God of yours!#

                      And who is this God anyway? Using Physics? Is it Einstein?

                      #Oh stop joking, you! What he said was true! Why did you change the subject?#

                      I-I can’t tell!


                      Because… Argh! I can’t say it in front of the readers!
                      Come here! I’ll wisper it to your ear!

                      #Pouting #


                      #Oooh! So that was it!#

                      Yeah, so you understand right?

                      #Yeah. But still, why won’t you tell me what it’s all about?#

                      Ah, because you’re not supposed to know, of course!


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                    4. Who do you take me for?
                      Following an Evil God that would harm children?

                      You do realise that, in some case, the term “Evil God” designs a God going against the current System, you know?
                      My [God] is a scientific god that wants to go against the Christian God.
                      You know, the guy who asked a father to sacrifice his first son, who killed all the first children in Egypt, created several calamities and tried to stop any scientific development during the Middle Age.

                      Basically, my [God] wants Humanity to develop more scientific knowledge.
                      He won’t do anything to children…
                      Actually, since He will create a Golden Age, everyone will have education and will be healthy.

                      You’re really overreacting Abby *shakes his head while sighing*

                      Well, since I don’t want to spoil the story for myself, I won’t probe into your love whispers 🙂

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                    5. #Yeah… If you say so, then we’re okay…
                      And I’m not overreacting! You’re just scarry!#

                      Ah no, don’t say th…
                      #I. AM. NOT. INTO. GUYS. GOD. DAMMIT!!!!!#
                      Here you go…

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  15. The story is really great and i love it. Especialy because i see many similarities with other great novels that i am reading now. Like this monsters in the space where it prginated i saw it before in Hardcore OPness. Btw i feel like vampire princesses with black hair and red eyes are very popular lately 😄
    Can’t w8 for more.

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    1. I actually read the chapter with the space monster after having decided about the space monster ^^
      But I can’t deny I’ve been heavily influenced by my reads. There’s just so many good novels out there ❤
      And I won't complain about vampire princess being popular ^^ I'm a very big vampire fan 😀
      But I only know about "Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru" where the MC has black hair… Did I miss some great vampire story? Oo

      And btw, my two favorites female vampire characters are Shinoe Shinobu, from the Monogatari series, and Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project ^^
      *What?Do you mean I'm not your favorite?!*
      'course you are, but I can't take you into account, because it would be favoritism…


          1. Summary (in my opinion, but is interesting)

            Human girl turned in vampire zombie, eat her own mother, erase her own existence (like Shakugan no Shana, all people forget her) and hunt evil spirits (Regardless of its circumstantial, even if they were former humans like her and didn’t cause problems) and kill all human that consider a nuisance

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  16. The 6th of March is this Sunday so I’m going to expect a chapter 😀
    Also, you didn’t post a encyclopedia chapter 😥

    By the way, have you ever read Misery from Stephen King 😀 ?

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    1. Of course you can expect a chapter ^^
      And I’m currently writing the next encyclopaedia chapter too 😉
      I never read it, but my mother and my brother told me about it. They both saw the film and read the book ^^

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  17. Hey, I don’t know if it’s my computer or not, but there’s no space to comment on chapter 18.
    Since I like making needlessly long and absurd comment, I’ll come back at a later time to see if I can comment 🙂

    By the way, congratulation for the early chapter.
    That surpised me.

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  18. hmm chapter 18 was interesting, and has potential. It felt more like a Teaser chapter of chapter 19 than really indepth compared to previous chapters though.

    But if the trees are in the way of seeing the sunrise, why would you leave the camp in the first place. Id have climbed a tree close to camp until i could ya’know? and if the forests are so dangerous, why not take an escort with you?

    Second is her Father on the trip with them?

    Also what route are they traveling on? Earlier you’d detailed the map being mostly a geopgraphical copy of our world, with differences caused by magic and a different history, and political landscape. Presuming they are in the equivalent of France, and are traveling to the equivalent of Romania, what route are they taking to get there. Which Cities or countries are they going to pass through, are they riding horses or riding a carraige.

    I hope she sucks the blood out of whatever hurt Suzy!! For reals yo!!

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    1. Well, it’s not like they couldn’t climb up those trees, but they still wouldn’t be able to get to their top, as branches are very frail up there and wouldn’t support their weight.
      And strolls are the best anyway!
      Oh, and thickets aren’t supposed to be that dangerous.

      Yup, dady’s on the way with them ;p

      Also what route are they traveling on? They’re riding a carriage, and I didn’t detailed the path they took because nothing really happens on the way (well, until now, obviously), so I kept that part for the way back.
      But if you really want to know, Aby’s home is located around Tarbes, South-West of France.
      They followed the Dragon Ridge Mountain Range from a safe distance to not go into the Sacro Imperio’s borders and headed toward the Coalfeet Clan’s mountains, to stop near the actual Deva.

      About what hurt Suzy…

      I’ll let you see what happens to them ^^


  19. So new chapter this Sunday?

    Also, this Sunday is the 3rd of April.
    Not the first.
    If you dare to make an April Fool, I will kill you.

    Also, did you know that England doens’t change its hour?
    So right now, we’re at GMT+2 😀
    The more you know :p

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  20. Just found your novel on Royal Road. Shame you don’t post the rest of the chapters on there. Might entice more readers to follow. I like the story so far, I’m at chapter 14. I especially liked the way you created the world what with the spell that separated magical beings and non magical beings in their own world. Did you come up with that yourself or is that from another work?

    I might say the only downside is the complete lack of a story. There’s no conflict, so somethings it gets a bit boring to read. Oh, also, since you space your chapter releases so far apart, I get the feeling that sometimes you forget what you previously wrote in earlier chapters so you end up repeating yourself often.

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    1. Yeah, I know for RRL, I only post when I remember to do so (and my memory is kinda crappy, sooooo)

      I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of it 😉

      I did come up with the idea myself, but it seems that I was heavily influenced by a story I read long time ago (Chainfire, The Sword of Truth).

      I kinda understand what you mean about lack of story, but I think it gets better latter on (but that is my extremely biased opinion, so you should just ignore it)

      And I’d like to know where am I repeating myself? The thing about my releases being so far apart is totally true, so I’m not seeing it :/


  21. I just found out this story while searching for Light novel. Nice story so far. I hope more character development and an entry for Dampire race, mainly for the two maids. They safe the MC life afterall. so a bit of background should be nice.

    I also looking foward for a new character who would become future Husband or Waifu. Normal or Yuri route ending is fine to me. I do read both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ^_^
      Looks like reincarnation story are the trend right now :p
      Still, it’s funny to see someone from Japan wrote his novel’s title like me 😀


    2. Reincarnation is a trend eh. Interesting. Is there any novel that did the excat opposite?
      I mean like some one from a MMO RPG game like world with magic and multi race, suddenly got transported to OUR world.
      hence he/she or non-human got into a world where Human, Human, Human Everywhere. and no magic, and Killing isn’t allowed.

      kinda want to read a novel like that.


  22. I really like your novel.
    Finally something different that oni-chan/masta/gohuoujin-sama stuff, but just plain English.
    This is refreashing.
    Bathrobe Knight style refreashing.


      1. But hey, you’ll ALWAYS have that chapter a month. I don’t plan on stopping my story until I drop dead or until I properly finish it!

        I LIKE IT 🙂
        Its easy to read/understand for someone with bad english like me AND its VERY INTERESTING to read 😀

        Keep up the good work & good luck in the studys/exams

        Liked by 1 person

  23. I think it would be helpful to add the date of your upload besides the chapters, so that we can count the date when the next chapter is supposed to be up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is ALWAYS the first sunday of each month (I properly wrote it in the Table of Content this time) 😉

      Look at your calendar, if it’s not the first sunday of a month, then it’s not today :p


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