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Posting Schedule:I post one chapter of my story every first Sunday of each month.Yes, it’s a bit slow. But that’s because I don’t have that much free time, I’m still a student after all.

But hey, you’ll ALWAYS have that chapter a month. I don’t plan on stopping my story until I drop dead or until I properly finish it!

You can also leave a comment here! I read every one of them (and I nearly answer them all too, if I have the time 😀 ) !

I’ve reincarnated, but I’m a Girl! Wait, am I not even Human?

I’ve just made a reading list, but there’s so many interesting stories! Wait, isn’t that awesome?

Prologue: I’m… Dead?

Volume 1:
Chapter 1: I’m… going to be eaten?
Chapter 2: I’m… Wait, what the hell?
Chapter 3: I’m… not in the 21st century?
Chapter 4: I’m… in a fantasy world?
Chapter 5: I’m… going to study hard!
Chapter 6: I’m… an Inventor! And a troublemaker…
Chapter 7: I’m… not an albino in the end.
Chapter 7.5: Even while playing, she’s still a genius…
Chapter 8: I’m… confused. Kami-sama, stop messing with me!
Chapter 8.5: A father short story
Chapter 9: I’m…gonna be a magician!
Chapter 10: I’m… a Vampire Princess
Chapter 11: I’m meeting with an old friend!
Chapter 12: I made myself a friend. Literally.
Chapter 12.5: I’m … “Me”. I’m a light, and the sister of “She”
Chapter 13: I made myself a sister. For real.

Volume 2:
Chapter 14:I’m living with my sister now.
Chapter 15: I’m gonna meet our neighbours!
Chapter 16: I’m… a little bit afraid.
Chapter 16.5: Crimson
Chapter 17: I’m packing up my things!
Chapter 18: I’m not going far away. I swear!
Chapter 18.5: O… Onee-sama?
Chapter 19: I’m covered in blood. Is it mine, or… ?
Chapter 20: I’m finally using that Skill! Wait, what did it say?!?
Chapter 20.5: Horror.
Chapter 21: I’m Heartbroken.
Chapter 22: I’m such a bad sister.
Chapter 23: I’m screwed.
Chapter 24: I’m scared…
Chapter 25: I’m safe.
Chapter 26: I knew it!
Chapter 27: I am the Night. Fear me!

Volume 3:
Chapter 28: Uhm?
Chapter 29: My sister is a Genius too!
Chapter 30: I’m a nice person.
Chapter 31: Me? Angry?.
Chapter 32: Social life: Start!
Chapter 33: Tea Party and big surprise
Chapter 34: Let the battle, begin!
Chapter 35: I’m burning through the skies, Yeah!
Chapter 36: Beach episode? NO!
Chapter 37: Nameless
Chapter 38: J’ai reçu par erreur, ton invitation.
Chapter 39: Bear Grylls-sensei

Volume 4:
Chapter 40: Piece of cake, right?
Chapter 41: Down the rabbit hole.
Chapter 42: Trapped.
Chapter 43: Opportunity
Chapter 44: New Enemy?
Chapter 45: Isn’t this like a city building game?
Chapter 46: Bienvenue!
Chapter 47: Welcome home.
Chapter 48: A little problem?
Chapter 49: Meeting back with family.
Chapter 50: Visiting Tourblanche.
Chapter 51: New event in Tourblanche.
Chapter 52: It’s not what you think! I promise!

Abigaelle’s Enciclopædia Universalis:

Entrée n° 15: Vampire
Entrée n° 31: Démons

370 thoughts on “Table of Content”

      1. Just wondering, how do I get updated when this story is updated. As in, get a notification (from e-mail) that the story has been updated?
        Kinda new on WordPress.

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  1. On the TOC, there’s a link for chapter 11 that leads nowhere, while you’re supposed to post that chapter on sunday (because of that dreadful thing that is School)

    So are you mocking us by putting a link without chapter *prepare knife* or was it just a mistake?
    *start to sharpen knife*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Neither ^^ It’s just that I won’t be here Sunday, so I scheduled a release for sunday evening, so I just posted the links beforehand.
      And if you had read my “Posting Shedule”, you would have known it…
      *sharpen greatsword*


      1. ?
        If it was there this morning, then I need to excuse myself for my conduct.
        And thanks for the information 😀

        By the way, a great sword might be powerful, but it’s slow, hard to swing and only work for a certain range (it’s impossible to swing it too close from your body)
        So I just need to run at you, evade one or two swings, and then I would be out of your range and you would be in mine 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Mouahaha, that is only what you believe to be true, little grasshopper!

          Told ya’ I was doing some research on swordsman-play X)
          (btw, I changed the “Posting Schedule” at the same time I put the links 😉 )


    1. Well, I’m only 19, so I shouldn’t die before a long time has passed, and I don’t plan on stopping x)
      Ah, but I should be able to write a lot during next holidays, so I may (and I say “may”) start to post more after that.
      But thank you for following my story! 🙂


      1. sorry if that sounded like a complaint it’s just… I wasn’t kidding that whenever I get into a story it seems to either burn out or slow down, except for maybe 3 out of around 50 stories. I can be very patient, waiting months (as in several) for and update or chapter, but it happens so often I’m starting to wonder if I’m cursed or something…

        at any rate, this story is glorious and I await the future with rapt anticipation.

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    Chapters released at 5 pm GMT+0

    04/10/15 -> Chapter 12.5
    I hate “x.5” chapter….but i still read them ._.
    18/10/15 -> Nothing, because it’s the begining of my holidays, and I’ll try to write a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I know, but I don’t have enough chapters ready to start publishing the 2nd volume (in fact, I’ve only got one, and it’s not well done because I lacked time to write it and rushed it, so I may write it again). But don’t worry, my holidays only last two weeks, and I’ll post my chapters once school starts again.


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